Services Overview

Our latest national and local consumer marketing data is based on up to 200 individual site and market studies.  Through these studies we obtain the whole story behind your best potential consumers. We not only find out where they live, where they shop but who they are and what makes them do the things they do. This makes us fully equipped to provide you with the best marketing plan available

Local Prospect Analysis

Your local consumers can be identified by analyzing specific factors such as education, employment, occupation, and age groups.  By doing so we can gain a better understanding of what they would be shopping for depending on where they are in their life.

Individual Site Analysis

Location, location, location! In many circumstances location can mean everything ,especially with your marketing campaign. By identifying first where your high value prospects are in relation to your location, you can efficiently deliver your message. We can do this for you not only in a single location but in a multiple location setting. No matter what, we’ll help your individual locations find their target customers.

Local Media Analysis

What is the best media to reach potential customers? The best way to find out is by taking a look at the media that is reaching them now. We do this by using a visual study of specific consumer group segments based on demographic and psychographic factors. This helps us be completely confident that we are putting your product where your customers can be reached.

Choosing Your Best Media

Our commitment is to bring you the best high value media opportunities for your business. We do this by conducting a category intensive prospect research in relation to your business or product.  Clearly, efficient marketing understands the recipient’s behaviors and measures results.

After identifying your audience, we can best choose from the following marketing mediums. Then with our experience working in all different types of media, we can work out a plan that not only meets your budget but effectively reaches your audience.

  • Broadcast TV

  • Cable TV

  • Direct Mail

  • Newspaper

  • FSI (Free standing inserts)

  • Radio

  • Internet

  • Billboard

  • Google AdWords

  • Facebook