What can Johnson Media Group really do for me?

Just listen to what our customers are saying…

Johnson Media Group is the added tool in the tool box for a complete program.”

“This is the type of program needed to keep our brand top-of-mind with consumers.”

“Our Johnson Media Group program was very professional and better than competitive programs.”

Our company cares about seeing growth in your company. We work hard to get you the revenue you deserve. Check out how we’ve increased business for our customers:

Johnson Media Group helped increase our sales index 120% – the numbers were even bigger than I had hoped for.”

Johnson Media Group was a whole consumer and retail package that made the difference” (increased sales index 118%).

“In our Johnson Media Group program, March motorcycle sales were +10% from last April, and ATVs +67% from last March.”

“Western Region sales in Johnson Media Group covered dealers increased by 27.4% vs. 10.2% in non-participating dealers.”

“San Francisco dealers’ ATV sales increased 51% and Northern California dealers’ motorcycle sales were up 39% with the Johnson Media Group program. I was impressed with the support.”

With one last note from one of our returning customers…

Johnson Media Group is the icing on the cake to help maintain brand image, while encouraging trade support for the national campaign.”