*Consumer Household Expenditure for HVAC, plumbing, heating, & electrical.

Not All Neighborhoods Have The Same Revenue Potential* For Your Business.

See the red and orange clusters on this heat map? These constitute areas with the highest consumer expenditure for your services and marketing ROI power.

How do we know these areas have the highest marketing ROI power? 

Using up to 60 variables, our Smart Geo-Target Analysis looks at five marketing factors within four geographical designations. Each one represents a different marketing opportunity:

Geographical Designations

Service Area Average

Zip Codes

Carrier Routes

Block Groups


Consumer Expenditure Surveys

To find out what neighborhoods in your service area spend the most on services you provide.


Demographic Data

To discover what neighborhoods are most likely to be able to afford high-end repairs and replacements.


Stability Studies

To determine what neighborhoods have the strongest potential for developing high lifetime value relationships.


Age of Home

To pinpoint what neighborhoods are most likely to need repairs and replacements.


Owner Occupancy

To know whether or not the primary decision maker lives in the house.

Additional Benefits of Our Smart Geo-Target Analysis

  • Determine where to allocate marketing resources effectively & efficiently
  • Learn how to leverage narrowcast strategies to extend the impact of your marketing spend
  • Understand how to gain ownership of high value neighborhoods through geo-fencing
  • Get actionable insights on how to expand your business using high value neighborhoods as a platform for growth
  • And much more
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