Your Marketing Dollars

When it is Imperative for You to Maximize
Your Marketing Dollars

Businesses are looking to spend their money prudently. Advertising budgets are being slashed, and marketing managers must now do more with less. Johnson Media Group (JMG) brings an efficient media service to the table that reduces cost and increases marketing performance.

Using the latest national and local consumer marketing data available, we guide companies to the best performing customer areas. In addition, we help them focus on specific consumer groups by segmenting them based on demographic and psychographic factors. Finally, we choose the best medium for the audience and price so that the marketing investment brings the best results possible.

Consumer Focused Market Strategy

Our process of planning focuses on our clients and their prospects.  This method provides our clients with their high value opportunities in relation to their business location. In the end, the results provide actionable insight and direction to plan, utilize and buy media efficiently and market effectively.

In a multiple location setting, our experience with co-ops helps negotiate the best media plans. A local prospect analysis, individual site and media analysis is conducted on each business location.  This extensive and precise study provides a better understanding of each individual local trade area. JMG’s unique buying methodology has been proven to be successful over and over again.

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